Dollhouse Furniture for Children

Whether you are looking for additional furniture for decorating your dolls house or have purchased a plain dolls house and are looking to get some child-friendly furniture, take a look at just some of our products and designs. If you like what you see, request a brochure for our full range of children’s dolls house furniture. We provide a range of dolls house furniture and dolls to suit any size of dolls house. The dolls fit in perfectly with the size of the furniture. It can be challenging to find the right furniture for your dolls house but at Miaim, we make it more than possible to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Benefits of Children Playing with Dollhouses

Dollhouses can be a lot of fun for children, however, there are other benefits to a child having a dolls house;

Social Skills

Playing with a dolls house can help a child improve their social skills by encouraging them to play and share belongings with other children. It also teaches them to communicate effectively and kindly with others, which is key in a child’s developmental stage.


A dollhouse can help a child gain a sense of responsibility. Not only will they need to look after their dolls house, it can also teach them to take care of pets and helps give a sense of parental roll.


Owning a dolls house allows a child to be imaginative with storylines and scenarios that they act out. There are many studies out there today that suggest that electronic devices are reducing kids’ imagination. So owning a dollhouse may be a great way to combat this.


Communicating with friends and having dolls communicate between each other can help a child improve their vocabulary and language ability. It can also allow children to gain stronger practical language skills that can then be applied to real life.

Premium Quality Dollhouses for Children

Here at Miaim, we only provide premium quality children’s dolls houses, dolls house furniture and accessories. We understand the durability that is required when it comes to children’s toys, as well as continually adhering to UK Toy Safety Standards. We provide a variety of dolls houses for different age ranges, starting at 3 years +.

If you would like to see our full range of children’s dolls houses, please don’t hesitate to get in contact for a free, descriptive brochure.

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