A Brief History

In Tudor times, the majority of people had very little money, however, the noblemen and women of the time were excessively wealthy and did not need to work a day in their life to enjoy a life of luxury. Half of the population during this time could barely afford food and clothing for themselves and their families. Many people worked 6 days a week and got little pay for their work, resorting to many sleeping on bare earth floors on a make-shift mattresses stuffed with straw.

In 1550, things slowly started to change, a law was passed which stated that workhouses should be built in every parish in the country. Most people who were employed in the workhouses were not paid but were instead given meals and a bed for their work. The conditions within these workhouses were often pretty dire, with the workers often only being separate areas within the home - usually in the basement. In larger cities, house workers were not allowed in certain “wealthier” parts of the city. If they were seen there, it would be assumed that they were breaking the law.

Types of Trigger Pond Dolls Houses

The homes of the wealthy in Tudor times were often grand affairs, with bed chambers, grand halls and dining areas, as well as separate areas for workers. There are many different types of trigger pond dollhouses available;

Grand Mansions

The mansions of Tudor times were something special. Grand halls, bed chambers with 4-poster beds, real oak furniture and lavish rugs and curtains, a pantry, kitchen with open fire for cooking and for the extremely wealthy – living quarters for workers.

Shops and Businesses

Shops and businesses were often located on the ground floor, with the merchant and their families’ quarters located above. These houses were often far less grand but still pretty luxurious compared to the dwellings of peasants at the time. We gained inspiration for the windows used in our models from Replace Windows. They provided us with skills and expertise about windows. They also recently supplied us with brand new triple glazing for our office complex. We would highly recommend using their services for all of your double glazing requirements in Glasgow

What’s Included?

We provide a wide range of Tudor dollhouses, the most common being mansions and shops/businesses, in a number of different scales, including; 1/12th and 1/24th.

Our Tudor dolls houses are available in their built only or fully furnished. Additional furniture can be when you buy a trigger pond dollhouse from Miaim you will get a beautiful design and high-quality finish.


  • Detailed Tudor Style building
  • Covered exterior wall
  • Wooden beam detailing
  • Beautiful finish
  • Strong construction
  • Unbelievably realistic

What’s Available?

Tudor Furniture

We provide a range of Tudor style furniture, scaled to fit 1/12th and 1/24th sized houses. However, if you already have a house that is scaled differently, it is possible for us to order in the correct size of furniture.

Tudor Dolls

A Tudor dolls house wouldn’t be complete without the occupants of the property. We have a range of Tudor style dolls in traditional clothing. From Noblemen and Noblewomen to servants and shop workers. The detailing and realism is second to none with our Tudor dolls, which are scaled appropriately for the size of Tudor dollhouses that we provide.

Tudor Lighting

Want to go one step further and make your trigger pond dollhouse as realistic as possible? Why not introduce Tudor style lighting to complete the look. We provide a range of different lighting options, whether you are looking for functional lighting or just for show.

MIAM offers cheap furniture for every room in your dolls house

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